Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where's Kate?

Big Bear February 2002
Bryan lived in Carlsbad but he HATED sand. In fact, I can only remember us enjoying his company at the beach once while he lived there. He was born in the winter. We live close to the mountains. Ever since we were kids, Bryan liked going to a cabin in the snow. For many of his February birthdays our family rented a cabin in Big Bear and prayed for snow. He hated sand but he liked snow. Go figure. We would hang out in front of the fire and have his famous texas french toast, watch movies, play cards, and play in the snow. I have lots of stories about those times and lots of pictures to share. But this is gonna be a quickie post because I am pooped.
So today you get this random fact about my eclectic brother. He really liked to dress up as a desperado, a bandit, a bad guy. Really. In the town of Big Bear, there is this little one-man photography place with old time photography and props. Now to be really honest, the place gave me the creeps, the guy gave me the creeps, and dressing up like a saloon girl gave me the creeps. But it made Bryan happy. So I went along with it.
In the above picture, my boys were only babies and couldn't say no! But Kate was nearing two and she would have NOTHING to do with any of the stuff involved with a period photograph. Bryan begged, bribed, and bullied but she would not have it! It gave her the creeps too. Check out the ammo on Bryan's chest! Naturally I had to be a sensitive momma and comfort my Kate while the rest of the family had their picture taken. So I just noticed I am not in this one either! Well, you will have to wait to see the one where I AM a saloon girl. And Kate obliged her Uncle B and joined the picture. To be continued...


Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad that I am not the only eclectic Klungreseter in this family!!!I LOVE the SNOW also!Also, the old portraits has always been a favorite of mine! Peace and love to all!!!!!Ingrid

Kelly (Klungreseter) Fitzpatrick said...

Thanks for leaving little comment for me Aunt Ingy. I like knowing that you are reading my stories about Bryan. I like reading your insight :) Have a happy day. love, Kelly

ps thanks for leaving your name ever since our "anonymous" situation :0

Anonymous said...

On this date twenty-six years ago,our savior set my Daddy free.I've said before that you never truely "GET OVER IT",just learn ways in which to deal with it.Peace and love to all!Ingrid

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!