Friday, January 23, 2009


A Couple of Years Later...
See Kate--the little girl in the corner with the six-shooter? Aren't we a nice family? I am not sure if we have any more old time pictures from our Big Bear birthdays but I know we have earlier ones with just the four of us Klungreseters. I guess my parents passed on the "tradition" to my brother.
We have rented a cabin in Big Bear for February 5 this year. It is Bryan's 37th birthday. Our family is gathering to spread his ashes over the snow he enjoyed. I want to make french toast and sit by a big fire. I am going to try and beat my kids at Spoons--a card game he played with us. I hope there is enough snow to tube (I will share a hilarious story about Uncle B and the Tube next time!). If the little one-man Old Time Photo place is still in business, I want to get a picture taken. I can't turn back time, but I can carry on the tradition. Bryan won't be with us in the flesh, his body has returned to the dust it came from. But he will always be with us in spirit. His memory lives on in our hearts. Spreading his ashes won't be the final chapter in Bryan's life, as long as one of us is alive to share his story.

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