Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anywhere, Anytime

He is asleep!
Bryan had the ability to fall asleep in any location or position for any length of time. No adverse conditions deterred him. When we were growing up, I remember walking past my brother's room and he would have both hands clasped behind his head, his knee bent and resting across his other leg, lying on his back. I would talk to him, my mom would talk to him. We thought he was awake. How could anyone sleep like that, like you were sitting at the beach admiring the clouds carelessly?
Bryan would come to our house and lay on the ground for his back massage and book basket routine and fall asleep, right in the middle of the floor. He would be at my parent's listening to our chit chat. If the conversation grew dull, he'd be snoring in 30 seconds. He was amazing. Secretly, I think he had narcolepsy. Or maybe we just bored him? Or maybe he was like the energizer bunny--and he just stopped when he sat? Or could it have been that he was food service industry and worked very late and slept later? If he wanted to be around this crowd, the one with kids that went to bed at 7:30 pm, he had to sacrifice his sleep schedule. I always sorta envied his David Letterman hours (that is what I call the night owls who stay up past 1:30am and need not worry about an alarm (child!) waking them a few hours later).
Speaking of sleep, goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness,Bryan inheirited our Father's ability to sleep anywhere,anyhow!I am finding out some many things thru this site!Keep it up Kelly.I love reading your stories and the Bible verses seem to fit each day.Peace and love to all!Ingrid

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!