Monday, January 26, 2009

Corn Dogs, Tikki Punch and a Mason Jar

I have plenty of drinking cups at my house. Pretty ones, practical ones, throwaway ones, funky ones, plastic ones, glass ones--we have cabinets full of cups and glasses. But Bryan always drank out of a glass mason canning jar--wide-mouthed--when he visited our home. Who would CHOOSE to drink from a receptacle with ridges at the mouth that causes involuntary drooling? Bryan.
He didn't like water and we don't buy anything else to drink here (except milk) so he usually brought his own libations. His selection varied over the years: Arnold Palmers, some tasty Mexican mystery tea, Dr. Pepper, Peach Lemonade. His longest lasting favorite was Tikki Punch and Sprite. In a mason jar.
And the first thing he did after he arrived for his Wednesday visits was to check our freezer for corn dogs. Bryan liked that we usually had them on hand (those and chicken dinos!) and he would complain if I was out. When I would go through my periodic "healthy foods" stages and veto buying foods that included ingredients I can't pronounce, he would get snarky with me. He wanted a corn dog and mustard and his drink in a mason jar. I cannot remember a time he was here that that was not a part of his routine. Funny huh?
On Sunday, I was enjoying some quiet time at my home alone. I have no idea why it came over me so strongly but I felt compelled to offer a toast in his honor. I cried and prayed and thanked the Lord for his life and asked God to give Bryan my love. And I took a big swig from my mason jar! Here's to you Bro!
ps For my pride I need to add here that I DO know how to space and indent and set up a paragraph but this crazy blog always makes all my posts into one loooong pargagrah! There, I feel better now.

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