Friday, January 9, 2009


Since yesterday's blog was sort of a bummer :( I have decided to treat you to a belly laugh. At my expense. My parents and I were "huddled" (that is my mom's new word for what we do when we weep and pray and remember together) last night and she reminded me of this doozy! Oh boy! When I asked her if I had to tell ALL, she made me give my word. Let me just say at the start--NO PART of this silly tale is embellished, exaggerated or other wise edited. It is all true--even if it sounds like it isn't! :)
So, I have made mention before that Bryan and I grew up in a rural part of Escondido. No tract homes or cul de sacs for us. LOTS of snakes, squirrels, a few neighbor pigs and chickens, lizards, critters, and MICE! One day, I was using the restroom. A HUGE--wait, I gave my word--I mean, a regular sized mouse scurried across my toes while I sat on the porcelain throne. I screeched and squealed and scampered down our hallway to my mom in the kitchen. My pants were still down around my ankles so that was one long hallway. I jumped into my mom's arms and screamed.
My mom plopped me on the counter and slapped my face. Last night when I asked her WHY she had done that, she replied sincerely that she had seen it on TV: smack hysterical people and they snap out of it! So she slapped my face with her whip-creamed hand. I can remember the cool-whip sticking to my face. Remember, I told you this is ALL true. I am getting to the Bryan part--just you wait!
My mom ran to the bathroom with a broom and Bryan quickly followed with his BB gun. No joke. Brave Mom went in first and Frontiersman Bryan stood behind her. He was taller than her by this time--oh, that's right. I haven't revealed our ages yet. I was FOURTEEN. How embarrassing! That means he was thirteen and not so afraid of mice! While my mom was scanning the floor for the uninvited guest, my brother whispered, "Be still." He aimed his gun up and shot that mouse right between the eyes. It was sitting up on the top ledge of the shower curtain. My mom and fierce hunter Bryan just closed the door and left the little intruder in the tub where it fell. My dad cleaned up the mess when he came home from work. He confirmed that it was a dead center shot. That mouse never had a chance! Too bad it had family...more mice stories to come.


Anonymous said...

We went to High school together not sure if you knew or even would remember me .(Shannon Lauxman-Sutton) But I did know your Brother
Whata great guy:) you and your family were blessed , know as several have said times will become not easier but yes tolorable. you have amazed me with your AWESOME beliefs, remmeber it all takes time... I went through something such as you are but with a Fiance almost 18 years ago & today Im very happily married but there still isnt a day that goes by that doesnt have a reminder of this or that.Keep your Faith & cherrish your meomories. You & Your family will contiue to be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi shannon. i wish i could dig up my year book right now! i don't remember you but don't take it personally--i am a faces person. and i have a terrible memory. thanks so much for your kind words. i am very sorry for your loss but i am glad that you are happy now.

i am clinging to my faith and my God and my family and my memories--they are all i have. thanks for your prayers. are you on facebook? i need a picture! were you in Bryan's class (90)or mine (89)? did i have a class with you? who did you hang out with--i was best friends with brenda rios, heather grove, and sheri reeves. a blast from the past! has it really been 20 years?

smiles to you, kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly
Yes Im on Facebbok - Shannon Sutton
I graduated 89- I think we were in McKinleys class together. I dated and then almost married Steve Place he graduated in 88
Ironically And Im sure you Husband would not remember me but we worked together @ Las Villas Del Norte we were both part of the dining Room Staff. Very interesting how people have there lives and meet up again. Yes it will be 20 years in June,time flys things change I have learned to live with that everyday is such a gift. Look at my face book . Take care if you need someone to talk to Im a listening ear of someone who can feel ,hear, & realate to your pain!take care :)

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!