Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My First Ever Blog

Hello friends and family! You are visiting this blog today because, like me, you are thinking of Bryan right now. Thanks for partaking of this moment with me. I miss him too!

I have dozens of friends who began their blogging journey because they have something important to share. I never felt compelled to begin a blog as I didn't have anything important to say. But today, I join the ranks--I begin my blogging journey--because I have something to share. Something really important-MY BROTHER!

I am praying that all that is recorded here will one day bring solace and comfort, laughter and tears, old memories and record of new ones for my children. I want to keep the promise I made to my brother at his memorial nine days ago--"I will keep telling your stories, brother!"

As a momma of five, I understand all too well that good intentions don't take you too far. If I intend to keep my word, to keep my brother alive by telling his story, to share his HUGE heart with my children, then I must be intentional. I need to remember him and his life and repeat his stories over and over again. So that my littlest son, Peter, will share in the sweetness, however short, of his uncle's life. I pray he will never know that these are not really his memories. Since Uncle B died when he was only two years old, Peter's memory of my brother will fade with time. I am purposing myself to do all that I can to prevent that from happening.

So today, a few hours away from the first year of my life with out my beloved brother, I begin this blogspot as a scrapbook and memorial, tribute and tell-all for my brother, Bryan David Klungreseter. . .I love you brother.

PS-Have patience with me, the techno-disabled gal. I want to include his dvd slide show from the memorial along with a photo slideshow of the memorial. But this was all I was able to accomplish on this first try. Stay tuned...I intend to get good at this real quick!

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!