Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the Garage

Me and Bryan-Ontario House 1980
My parent's first home was tiny. When my daddy wanted to create a space for Bryan and I to play and be loud, he had to be resourceful. I can relate to that just now in our little house for all seven of us. As an adult, I admire his ability to come up with someplace fun for us with limited resources. Back then, when I was 8 and Bryan was 7--like we were in this picture--I REALLY thought my dad was ALL THAT for making a special KIDS ONLY place for us in the garage.
We woke up Christmas morning and daddy directed us to the garage? To the garage. We discovered our gift, a large racetrack for tiny remote-controlled cars perched on a piece of plywood. Dad had his wooden tool chest pulled up next to the side of the racetrack ready for our excited little bottoms. I was thrilled. Bryan was elated. I remember sitting out there for hours racing our cars (mine was red, his was blue) around and around the plastic track until one of our cars would fly off the course. This was WAY before the wii (or even pong or atari--really primitive entertainment). But it kept us happy for hours. And we got along and didn't drive our parents nuts. A brilliant plan on my Dad's part, you have to agree.
Bob and I are thinking about converting our garage into a playroom for our kids. A place to house the wii that Uncle B and my parents bought the kids. A place for my kids to play and be loud without driving me nuts. I am hoping they will amuse themselves for hours out there. Thanks for the great example Dad. Thanks for the hours of fun Brother.

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Anonymous said...

It is always a good idea to have a place where kids can play and not have a lot of restrictions and it allows you to have some free time as well. Dad is always full of great ideas.

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