Sunday, January 25, 2009

My First Friend

Kelly & Bryan
Sister & Brother

I feel sorry for "only" children. That is rude to think, to type, isn't it? After all, those of you who grew up as the only child in your family have not sought my pity. You didn't ask me to feel sad for you. You don't know what you are missing anyway since you have never had a sibling. What can you compare your childhood to? I am not asking you to. This story is not for you, just read tomorrow's. I am not trying to offend some of my favorite "singletons".
A child who does not have a sibling has no one that they can just say a key word to and have a brother or sister instantly know what he/she is talking about. They don't need the back story. No one needs to fill them in. They just KNOW. It is a part of their history, their fiber as much as the one sharing the memory. Of course, like me, the only child does have their parent(s), but it is not the same. Grown-ups don't perceive the world like children do. They don't always see the humor in spilled milk and other common childhood occurrences that kids giggle about. Brothers and sisters are God's way of giving some of us some head-start practice on relationships. My brother was my first friend.
I am going to rattle off some of the keywords that Bryan would immediately understand. You won't and that is the bummer part. But I still want to do it. For posterity. To remember. There is no one else who would "get" this stuff. That is why having a brother is such a gift. My kids: mommy promises that I will tell you all the stories that go with these words later.
Rubbing tires, the Poof, Toastmasters, Miss Hill, "steamed" turkey, Double Delights, Mat Maids, the bathroom heater, Little Guy, first period swimming, the back of Mrs. Mason's pick-up, Taco Snacks, Grant Finale, Cassie Yusko, Kutzner, Loyal, Strong and True, Busy Bee, Mike the security guard, Midnight & Bandit, GATE, the pool table aka: folding table, the sock basket, the christmas ornament, stringing cranberries, Y & R Ashley, AquaNet and spikes, your thigh and the purple medicine, nickle slots, Jilberto's, our Bull, Bamboo House, Christmas Eve movies, I could go on and on. I have 36 years of memories and one-liners.
Bryan was my first friend, and I didn't even have to pick him. God gave him to me. That is what a sibling is, a friend He thought you should have. I am so glad we were friends Brother. And since there is Biblical evidence that those in Heaven know or are at least informed of the goings on here on earth (read the evidence for yourself in Revelation Chapter 6) , I hope you are having some good belly laughs right now. No one else is--but you KNOW.
PS-Do you read the verse that pops up at the bottom of this blog site? I do everyday. I wish there was some way that I could save those for each day so that when I publish this blog for my kids, they would be there as a memorial of His Truth. They are randomly generated by that gadget i added to the site, I have nothing to do with them. Yet everyday they speak to me. Tonight's was just right.

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AdieSpringB said...

Hi Kelly!
This is Adrienne Beatty. We used to live next door to you on Vista Avenue in Escondido. I can't believe I found your blog, I was looking up some childhood names I know so well and I looked up Bryan's. I also am so saddened to hear that Bryan passed. I am sure my family would love to keep in touch with you, as you and your brother touched all of our lives as children.
We have a Beatty blog, we all share it and it links to our personal ones. I will pass on this blog to my family.
With love,
Adrienne Beatty

PS- We probably have a bunch of pictures with you and Bryan in them, as well as videos. My dad used to rent a video camera and I know you are both in some!

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!