Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fitzpatrick Kids Share Their Hearts Through Letters

A few days after their Uncle B died, my kids and I met in my room for some private, quiet, cuddle, question, praying time. We just needed to be alone together and cry together. I asked each one to spend awhile in their rooms beforehand, writing a last letter to Bryan or putting down some questions they had for God that we could try and find answers for. Here are the letters from the middle three (I am sorry you can't see them in the kid's original handwriting!) and Peter's Prayer:
From Kate Marie Fitzpatrick, 8, niece:
Dear Uncle B,
I love you! I will relly miss you. I am glad that you askd Jesus into your haert. I am sad that we will neaver get to bild a fort with you and say "Happy Birthday" to you and drive in the suburban until Heaven.
I love you Uncle B.
From Samuel David Fitzpatrick, 7, nephew:
Dear Uncle Bryan,
I miss you especially making forts and watching the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie. And I missed you on Christmas. I will miss you when you read Skippyjon Jones. I love you.
From Aidan Robert Fitzpatrick, 7, nephew:
Dear Unckle B, my best memeree was when you bilt forts with us. I will always love you Unckle B.
From Peter Brennan Fitzpatrick, 2, nephew:
During our family devotions, totally unprompted, Peter scrunched up his little eyes, bowed his blonde head, and clasped his chubby hands together and prayed:
Dear Jesus. Bless Uncle B. Amen.

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