Saturday, January 10, 2009


Pop Warner Escondido 1982?

My brother always gave me a hard time because I don't want my sons (HIS nephews) to play football. Man! That is one dangerous sport! Even Bryan conceded that his body was thrashed from his football days at EHS. He said I was unAmerican, a Klungreseter-traitor, hover-mother! Well! I encourage tennis or soccer as much safer alternatives :) don't you think?

He and my dad and my man LOVE football. All sports really! It is in the blood. Football--watching it, playing it, talking about it--has played a major role in my family life. Bryan played offense AND defense at Escondido High School BEFORE they were a good team :) (sorry friends!) But he was loyal, strong and true to his Alma Mater--even though they only won TWO games his senior year (one against TVHS!). My parents cried and Bryan told the stories of those glory days to my boys! Football!

I gotta go---I am off to take my boys to their football game.

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