Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Rodeo, the Circus, and the Pirates I Have Loved

I just like this picture--and it shows the yellow table for two that I cherished when I was little. Bryan has a PIRATE hat on--just like Peter!
It is the same chairs that Bryan and I used as our bucking broncos
in the next photo when we were much older.
I wish I still had that table set!
Christmas 1976ish?
Our children at their Penny Circus yesterday.
Cartwheeling Kate, Aidan the Strongman, Circus Master Reilly, 'Fraidy-Cat Frank the CowClown (Samuel), and Pirate Pete.
They charged admission but the audience (Grandma, Beempa, Bob & I) were happy to pay.
March 2009

Rodeo Riders December the early '80's

I love connecting my life as a kid with my children's. It makes me feel like a child all over again. Bryan and I were goofballs. We lived out in the boonies and had no neighborhood buddies to play with. So when we weren't in school, we were each other's only playmates. Kinda like my homeschooled kids. They are weird too.
Chuckling over their strange antics and creative play and wild imagination takes me back to the day. Bryan and I came up with some pretty funny stuff to do to keep ourselves amused. The above picture is us being Rodeo Stars riding our bucking broncos. Looking over my shoulder as I am writing this post, Aidan exclaimed, "Is Uncle B in his underwear??????" He was aghast. I don't have the heart to tell him that I have a bunch of indiscreet photos of him playing in his undies. I can't wait to show them to his wife one day :)
I cannot remember the details of our imaginative game here. I can surmise by the photo that I was mighty proud of the band-aids I am showing off. And Bryan could only find one shoe. But I do many clear memories of playing war, fort, GI Joe, barbies, knight and damsel, cop and robber, coloring, and countless other things that kids play. I did them all, with my brother. He was my first friend. My good friend. Those were fun times. I didn't think we were dorky or silly at the time. I was just glad when he would play school with me. I was always the teacher (like Reilly is always the boss in their games). Right of the firstborn, I guess. And he was happy when I would consent to play toy soldiers with him (he always won the war). I hope my kids enjoy reminiscing over sweet childhood memories when they are my age. I want them to grow up close and loving with each other--just like Bryan and me.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty cool hats too! I remember when we moved from our house in Escondido, I found leftover remants of your guys forts and hideouts. I had always wonder what had happened to all those bricks and my favorite caulking gun,pardon me, machine gun with it's custom made carrying strap,also known as my brown shoelaces from my dress shoes! You two truly did have a pretty good imagination to draw on when playing together. Thank you again for stirring my heart with fond memories of a much happier time.


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