Monday, March 30, 2009


Who knew he could play the accordian? What a wildcard!
Uncle B and Reilly
Can you guess which one is NOT a Klungreseter?
Uncle John, Bryan, Bob and Dad

Aunt Shirley, Bryan and Shannon
Family Reunion Cruise-October 1999
Bob and I are sailing away tomorrow to the Mexican Riviera. So don't expect any posts until next week. We are celebrating our 16th anniversary and my birthday. So in honor of cruises, I share with you tonight some stories of my only other cruise.
My mom and dad paid for their kids and grandkid to join them in celebration of their anniversary in October of 1999. A whole lot of other Parkers were there too. It was a really fun time despite the fact that I had a 2 year old and a big pregnant belly with me. That is why I can't tell the entire story about this cruise to Ensenada! Bob and I were back in our cabin by 10pm and did not share in any of the late night adventures that the rest of the tribe participated in. I am hoping my parents will add their comments about those nocturnal happenings.
I do remember that we ate--A LOT! Ordered room-service for the first time. Bryan thought it was FANTASTIC to order a PB&Js at 2am. We went on a glass-bottomed boat in Catalina where Bryan rivalled the tour guide for his job. He was so quick and witty. I think half the tourists thought Bryan was the actual tourguide. Reilly was afraid of all that sea weed. And the lochness monster--which Bryan got her started on.
We went into Ensenada and bought a bunch of musical instruments for Reilly. The top photo is Bryan sitting with a cap on the ground, playing that crazy mini-accordian and singing off-key. It was a riot! And I believe some unwitting passenger actually tipped him. He was such a nut. Fearless and funny. I heard rumors of late-night swimming and karaoke. But you will have to wait for those tales. I was snoring by then.
I plan on being awake much later on this trip. But he won't be there to keep me in stitches. I know there is video footage of one of his antics onboard. If I can figure out how to post it, you are all in for a treat. That guy should have been a comedian!

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