Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of those Days

I can remember no details about this photo.
I think Bryan is 5 or 6 and it is the late '70's.
But evidently, my mom was having "one of THOSE days".
I am not having "one of THOSE days" today. If I were, I would not be attempting to blog. You know those days: where everything goes wrong, nothing goes your way, and you are surrounded by clueless (or contributing) people who have no idea of all the plates you've been spinning and how they are all about to crash down around you. Ever had a(ny) day(s) like that? My mom did. As evidenced by this picture. Bryan and I certainly kept her busy. She was in the trenches with two young kids and no reinforcement troops. I can relate to that season in life. I am in it myself. But I am not as forsaken as the forlorn gal in the above picture. I have her--my kid's beloved grandma. Here. Close by. Every-ready to lend a helping hand. A shoulder to cry on. A compatriot in the hard things in life (like buying a bathing suit). My mom. One of my best friends. Thanks for coming over every afternoon and keeping me sane. I am sorry you did not have your mom or a close girlfriend to walk through days like the one you were having in this photo. But it makes me grin to see Bryan's goofy face, completely oblivious to your struggle, just being a boy. And a cute one at that! I am glad you made it out alive, Momma!
PS You passed on that gene to me, Mom. The "Pretend-It-Is-All-Good" chromosome is missing in me too. Even for a photo op, you and I both are incapable of faking it. Bryan must of hogged those genes. He was so good at the happy face.


Anonymous said...

You should have called me today Kelly, I had one of those days too. I am always so blessed to see your mom, I love your relationship with her...you both are an example to me. Thank you for always being real and sharing your heart...I on the other hand try to hide it and fake it...not a good thing.
We love you guys. Limon's

Anonymous said...

That fact about your Mom is something I have always admired.I was a very unappreciative teenager and did not embrace all that was offered to me as a child.I was not always so nice to all of my nieces and nephews.I am glad for all the times your parents allowed me to "babysit".I think it was more for me than them.Yes,Bryan hogged all the "it is all okay"genes!!!!!Peace & Love,Aunty Ingy

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Daughter:-)

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!