Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Notebook

Snooping through Bryan's stuff revealed a few more treasures. I already told you about the notebook with his journaling for an English 101 class in a previous post. In that notebook, Bryan wrote a letter to John and Trina Klungreseter in May of 1994. Kinda smart--he was required to write so he shot two birds with one stone. He fulfilled the class requirement and penned greetings to his cousin and his family who were living far away at the time. Only bummer is--he never mailed it.
It is a pleasure for me to see his handwriting and to "hear" his voice as he updates his family and asks about their lives. In his briefcase, he had some of the pictures in this post along with school pictures of their sons, Justin and Nik. So today, in honor of the sweet relationship he shared with his cousin (remember: John's mom is our mom's sister, John's dad is our dad's brother--kinda complicated but not illegal), here are some pictures to enjoy.
PS-I mailed the letter to you last night John.

Bryan, Trina and John Klungreseter

Cousins Justin and Nik

What a grin! Oh how I miss that face.

The three amigos again--Hennessey's Vista

Cousins as close as brothers

I told you he could sleep anywhere!

I miss that laugh too.

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures make it seem like he was just here with us and making everyone laugh with infectious good mood. It still hurts everyday not having him here or being able to call and talk to him. Love you B

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!