Friday, March 13, 2009


Bob, Reilly, Bryan, Mom, Dad, Cousin Chad
Mom's Birthday 1998

Sorry I'm stuck on Sushi. This picture was taken at Todai Sushi and Seafood Buffet where my brother took my mom for her birthday. She loves sushi like Bryan. My brother always brought flowers for us gals, for Mother's Day and Birthdays or for special occasion at all. His favorite little flower stand was near his old place in Carlsbad. I think Bryan learned about the secret of flowers and ladies from my Dad. Daddy has always been good at giving his womenfolk flowers. Bryan followed in his footsteps.
I can't remember much about this day (I was there.) except that his exuberance and zeal for trying out new yummies were contagious. Bryan had a way of passing along his excitement and fervor to everyone around him. He was a contagious guy. He was so convincing that I think I even ate stuff other than California rolls.
Bryan got excited about a lot of things. Not just food and paintball. He loved children, books, movies, all kinds of music, sports, laughing, the list is long. But what really got him going, truly fired up, was people. Bryan was a people lover. All kinds of people. He could talk to old people, scary people, mean people, quiet people, people of every color--it didn't matter if he had anything in common with them. He just liked people.
I said he was a contagious person; I pray that his genuine respect and appreciation for all sorts of people will stick with me.

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