Friday, February 20, 2009

Random and Weird

I tripped over Kate's favorite childhood book, something or other about bellybuttons. The girl was once obsessed with that particular part of her (and others) anatomy. You can imagine all the explaining I had to do with that one. Ever just have a random thought triggered by someone or something or some song? That's how I got on bellybuttons with you today. While we are here, Aidan loved having his ears rubbed when he was a baby. Reilly hummed when she was eating. Samuel was enthralled with another part of his anatomy. Peter enjoys his toenails painted. Kids are eccentric. I like remembering the funny things my kids did/do. I wish I written down all the things that made me chuckle, things that today I cannot recall for my life. I need more memory on my hard drive.
Bryan used to "bounce". He would lay in bed (it actually began in the crib) and get in a semi-push-up position and bang his head on his pillow. Some of you are thinking that THAT sure explains a lot. He did it in the car too, only not with his face into a pillow but the back of his head into the car seat. As I type this, I am trying to pretend that I am you, and you have never seen Bryan perform this phenomenon. It just sounds weird. It was. But I was so used to it that I truly thought all boys went to sleep "bouncing".
I remember my mom in the tiny green Datsun B210--telling my brother to knock it off. The car was jerking back and forth. Couldn't be good for the alignment or gas mileage or HIS HEAD! He bounced the screws out of his bed. He messed up the formation of his nose. Oh glory, it is comical to picture it now. I never laughed about it then. It was "normal". What IS normal after all? Everyone seems normal until you get to know 'em.
By the way, I used to "roll" while trying to go to sleep. Rocking back and forth and humming. My kids were mild compared to me! Our gene pool in question again. My mom always told me not to worry, someday I would stop that annoying habit. I did. The night I got married :0 I wonder if Bryan ever did?

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