Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eye of the Tiger


I love this picture! Make sure you have your speakers on to read this post--
for added effect!
(***The Playlist is back to normal, the song was only on for the day the post was written. The song was Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" Sorry you missed it :)***)

"Face to face, out in the heat

Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry

They stack the odds, still we take to the street

For the kill with the skill to survive"

Remember this song? It makes me laugh every time I hear it! It was the summer of 1982 (or 3?) and Bryan was making weight for his Pop Warner Football team. He was ten or eleven but he was a BIG kid--my grandma called him HUSKY. If he played at his weight, he would be in a league with boys who were much older and much more experienced. My dad talked my brother into fasting, running, and sweating to lose the pounds needed to get into the age/experience level that Bryan truly was. This pic is of him in foil-like undergarments covered by sweats with a wrapper towel and ski hat for good measure. It all was a part of the strategy to accomplish his goal. I did mention that this was summer? It was hysterical. Who does this kind of thing? Bryan. I loved that weird guy. He made weight and played with boys his age. Hanging tough, staying hungry. This moment was the auspicious beginning to one of his favorite stunts--he "sweat" to make weight over and over and over again for the varsity wrestling team, in the future.

This is just as embarrassing to type as it is for you to read: I was a cheerleader at the same time. Really. This song, Eye of the Tiger, was THE song for the year. I listened to it over and over and over again as we practiced our routine for competition. The crazy things girls do in short skirts. Bryan was tackling little boys and I was shaking my booty to the Rocky soundtrack. What a happy childhood we had. I mean it. I am still laughing as I remember it all. If Bryan could see this photo, he'd enjoy a good belly laugh too.

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