Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family Photos of the Week of the Memorial-My Parent's Home

Uncle Arnie & Cousin Jenn
Cousin Brittany, Niece Reilly, Dad David, Cousin Beckey

Cousins Nik, Trina, and John

The kids enjoying one of the many meals that friends provided for us ALL!

Aunt Shirley and her sister, Bryan's Mom, Vickey

Cousins-Mathew, Marc & Wyatt, Justin & Paige & Uncle Larry

The kids performing "Baby Shark"

Dad, Nephews Samuel & Aidan and Cousin Chad

Cousin Beckey and Pete

Aunt Emmy and Aunt Kathy

Uncle Larry

Bryan's Aunt Shirley and Uncle Arnie

Bryan's cousin Chad and Chad's mom, Aunt Emmy
Parker & Klungreseter Families December 2008

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