Monday, December 21, 2009

The Uncle B Tree

Made with Love by Meredith
December 2009
In honor of the One Year Anniversary of my brother's death, my best friend stopped by on Monday, December 14 and left this Uncle B tree. A labor of love loaded with thoughtfulness and sweet memories, each bag contained an ornament that represents one of the stories I have told here on this blogspot. She brought a tiny fir tree wrapped in burlap and lights. So far we have opened a football, a log cabin, a baseball glove, a fish, ice skates, a snowflake, an anchor, a "B", a Disneyland ornament, the list goes on. Each one symbolizing the many ways Bryan has touched our lives and left his mark in our hearts. It has been so fun for the kids to rush to open each package in the morning. Then we retell Bryan's story. And we laugh. It is good.
My best friend is helping me keep my word--to continue telling his stories. I am so touched. And so blessed. So are my parents: Meredith made a tree for them as well. We are so thankful for this tangible way to include Bryan in a new Christmas tradition: Remembering Bryan while we decorate the Uncle B Tree. Thanks Meredith. I love you.

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The Limon's said...

WOW, that brings tears to my eyes. Meredith is amazing and so creative. What a blessing she is. What a fun way for you, your kids and your parents to celebrate the season and celebrate Brian's life by opening each package and finding a symbol of Brian's love and life.

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!