Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Again.

I love the rain. It a wonderful excuse to stay in our jammies and snuggle all day, reading. Just add fire and cocoa! Since we have our box down of Christmas books, we could easily stay in today. But we aren't. Yet I am determined to get my Multitude Monday Thanks posted on MONDAY. So here are some:
  • rainy days
  • art classes with friends. learning a new technique and studying a old artist
  • watercolors and little hands
  • little boy dressing himself. wearing his undies backwards so HE can enjoy the elmo on his frontside!
  • the smell of our Noble Fir tree twinkling in the corner
  • browsing the Christmas albums. seeing how the faces have changed and families have grown since their first Christmas photo was mailed.
  • checking the mail. i LOVE getting Christmas wishes, letters, cards, and photos from our family and friends. have you mailed YOURS yet? hint hint
  • children who sing while they tidy. so cheerful! so rare.
  • Aidan's artistic decoration ideas--the places that boy puts wreaths and bulbs!
  • nativity scenes surrounding our home--we don't have as many as grandma but we are racing to catch up!
  • morning "touchbase" call with my mom. planning our day together.
  • having friends over for tea and treats
  • cuddling with oldest while she nurses her sniffles. fighting over the same homeschooling magazines!
  • little "David" shouting. "I will fight you in the Name of the Lord!" as weilds his sling and stones--INSIDE! Peter's absolute FAVORITE story is David and Goliath. he loves to boss his older brothers around, directing them in his version of the tale
  • chinese takeout brought home unexpectedly by thoughtful hubby. no prep, no dishes, no clean-up. what a treat! and egg rolls with spicy mustard are yummy!
  • kleenex with lotion added--amazing! where were they when i had the sniffles as a child? seriously. blow it out loud. blow it out proud. into a soft tissue with lotion added.
  • Truth spoken with love and tenderness. thanks Margi. and for the pumpkin seeds. you knew i was missing them.
  • baby (or adopted child) showers
  • re-reading our year's past Christmas letters. voting on which one is the best. maybe this year's?
  • racing off to get the day started after stolen moments on the computer! bye!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but spicy mustard has to be one of the WORST foods --- EVER!!!! -Bob

Anonymous said...

well, i enjoyed my tea and treats!!! such sweet times with you kel, and the kids! your mom too... love you so much friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't score any take out! What's that all about? As for spicey mustard and egg rolls, why there just the bomb diddly thats all!


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