Friday, December 18, 2009

Bryan's Gift

The top of the tree says" Believe in Him and all things are possible."

December 25, 2001

Bryan's Gift to the Family

In his own handwriting, on fine paper he selected, Bryan hand stamped and inscribed each card.

For Samuel-Sweet, happy, content, my boy!

For Bob-Courageous & Brave, my brother, always

For Kate-Kind-hearted, high-spirited, my girl

Each card came with a cross enclosed.

This is a hard post. But a good one. Bittersweet.

I have these cards, handstamped and lovingly created by my brother, for each member of my family. For some reason, I can't find Reilly's (she probably took hers years ago since she is a keepsake girl like her mom) and Aidan's (I KNOW I saw it somewhere "safe" in the last few weeks!). Peter doesn't have one. He wouldn't be born for another four years. Sweet Peter, he will never really know his Uncle B.

Everyone Bryan planned on seeing at the extended Christmas Celebration got a card and a cross. I am so very thankful for this gift, Bryan's gift. From his own pen, in his own words, in his special way, Bryan told each of us how much he loved us and why. He was imaginative, thoughtful, artistic, creative--of all the gifts he ever gave (and remember, I told you he was the BEST gift -giver!)--this is my favorite. I love words and homemade gifts and special, thoughtful touches. Yet in all my life, I have never made anything so lovely and honoring. My brother did. He was an amazing man. Have I said that before? Then let me say it again this morning with tears streaming down my face, with pride bursting in my heart, with memories racing through my mind, Bryan was one of the best, kindest, truest friends I have ever had. I miss him today.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my, I remember these so well. I wore my cross forever and one day the strap broke and it was gone. Just like that I lost one of the most precious gifts my son had ever given me. We found another one, a spare and I wore it for a pretty long time to, but it wasn't the same as my "special" one and soon was misplaced. Bryan was truly a great gift giver and always seem to get the one gift that everyone needed and wanted the most, even though they hadn't even asked for it.It's early in the morning as I read this and my heart started to race and my mind started to race as I remembered Christmas past and the tears began to flow as if a dam inside me somewhere had burst. I will never ever forget the wonderful times we had with Bryan and I can't tell you how much it means to me to have you sharing your heart and soul with others about your best friend and our baby boy.


Anonymous said...

Kelly....As always...Wonderfully said!Peter will know his Uncle B from these stories on this blog as well as all the memories within you,Bob,your parents,your friends,your family and your children.Bryan's spirit lives within each of your hearts.Peace and Love always.....Aunty Ingy

Anonymous said...

Bryan was my wonderful gift.


WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!