Monday, October 5, 2009

Multitude Monday

Today IS Monday. Last week when I was inspired to start this Monday habit, it was Tuesday. I have always been a day late and a dollar short. Since then, I have been savoring the sweet taste of blessings this week. In keeping with my new "thing" to share the gifts and treasure the moments on Multitude Mondays, I am keeping my list running. My heart has been filled with gratitude and thankfulness. Thanks Ann for this day-delighting idea. May I share some of my gifts--on my way to 1,000--with you today? Offered in random order.

39. a mother-in-love, especially the kind who offers to make birthdays brighter by bringing the cool crowd-pleasing cake!

40. little boy birthday party

41. forgiveness, even when I don't deserve it

42. new toys/birthday gifts to entertain even the grown-ups

43. old wedding photos

44. preserved wedding dresses

45. many hands helping, scurrying, pitching in to ready the house to receive guests

46. good friends to celebrate with

47. watching birthday boy blow out THREE candles--delightful despite the spittle :)

48. gifted women in the Body of Christ

49. new teddy bear Mondays

50. repaired trampoline--proven boy-wearer-outer; worn-out boys listen better

51. hand-me-downs, even the kind with holes in the knees

52. massage by candlelight

53. yuck-bugs; something a boy must have invented or at least inspired

54. Missionary Mondays--a chance to intercede for those who GO!

55. watching my dear mom finger paint with youngest child

56. biblical counseling

57. having an artist in the family--so handy for birthday party decorating/game playing

58. siblings--now that I am an only child, I sense the glory of having a sibling to stand by in hard times

59. oldest child embroidering

60. middle child who listens and obeys right away with a happy heart

61. Juniper-less yard, at LAST!

62. dream coming true--little girl's fulfilling a life long hope, Clara in the Nutcracker

63. breaking free of old bad habits, oldest's long nails are a sight to behold

64. "fwee" year old's special way of saying words: Garth Dader and DanMa

65. friendship quilts--hand stitched squares

67. braided daughter hair--not much longer will I be needed for little hair styling

68. listening to oldest child playing the piano

69. "learning sounds" of five students in a home: humming, reading aloud, sounding out, asking questions, correcting siblings, chuckling

70. cold pizza for breakfast

71. new frying pan: unexpected gift from a good friend

72. attempting to explain puns and jokes to little ears

73. Best, Worst and Weirdest dinnner table talk: you have to be there to get it

Oh the joy of my life. Remembering what I have makes it easier to remember what I don't. I miss you, Brother.

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