Monday, October 19, 2009


Jodi (Aunt Kathy's daughter), Me, Mom, Aunt Kathy and Aunt Emmy
Jones Wedding
Cheryl and Chad
First Dance as Mr. & Mrs. Sisco
August 2009

Renewing their vows--Bryan's Parents
Vickey & David Klungreseter
October 1985
(An original wedding photo is hard to come by;
they married in between my dad's college classes by a judge at Westminster City Hall.
Mom wore her high school graduation dress. I will hunt for a photo.)

Bertha and Anders Klungreseter
July 15, 1943

Aunt Kathy, Dan's new father-in-law Mr. Jiles, Lauren, Dan,
Mom, Uncle Larry


Anonymous said...

Kelly,Grandma died on October 18 th. and they were married on July 15 th. I am not sure of the year but I will look it up.Peace and Love to all!!!!!Aunty Ingy

Anonymous said...

oh aunt ingy! i am so glad you are back. i have missed you. i called last week and didn't hear back. is all well? of course i knew that! what a goob! i am so dreadful about numbers! i am sorry for the mistake. i will change the dates. so this has been a bittersweet month for you too? my prayers are with you. i was hoping to add another anniversary to this month? :)

hugs to all the girls and grandkiddos, love kelly

Anonymous said...

Kelly,The year Grandma and Grandpa got married in 1943.All is well.Maybe we will try for a July wedding...Peace and Love.....Aunty Ingy

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Never be sorry.What you have done here is so awesome! I am getting a chance to see what kind of a man Bryan had become. I am truely amazed by all that I have learned.Peace and Love to all...Aunty Ingy

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!