Monday, October 19, 2009

Weddings, Anniversaries, and other Special Days in October

Aunt Kathy (our Mom's youngest sister) and her oldest son Dan--Mother and Son Dance
Altlantis Casino, Reno, NV October 2009

The Jiles and Jones Families United

The Parker Family (or those related somehow to a Parker)
Chad and Cheryl's Wedding San Clemente August 2009

Some of Bryan's Favorites: Cousin Casey, Uncle Keith, Chad
Dana Point 2009

Cheryl and Chad exhange their vows at Lantern Park in Dana Point
August 8, 2009
Okay--sometimes I get frustrated trying to add things to this blog. Posting is a drag when you want to move around pictures or display a lot of images or an assortment of other vexing dilemmas. But for now, this is what I've got: pictures in non-chronological order and a computer that won't allow me to add anymore images. So I will have to make this a two-part post. Oh well.
October is a big month for anniversaries in my family. My parents were married October 9, 1970. ( **Oops!: I mixed up Grandma Bertha's death with her anniversary! Thanks Aunt Ingrid for the correction.) My grandparents (on my Daddy's side) were married July 15th 1943. And my Mom and I just returned from attending her nephew's, my cousin's, wedding. Dan and Lauren were united October 10, 2009. Because I am always a day late and a dollar short, I am adding my Mom's other nephew's wedding, my cousin Chad and Cheryl married on August 8, 2009. Not a member of the October Anniversary Club but important for our family history nevertheless. Enjoy the photos. The following post will be a continuation with more photos. Bryan would have celebrated each of these occassions with bells and whistles. He loved a good time. Weddings are always a joyful time--I love the hopefulness and excitement of watching two become one and begin their journey together.

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