Monday, October 19, 2009

Giving Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord and pray to him.
Tell the nations what he has done.
Sing to him; sing praises to him.
Tell about all his miracles.~ 1 Chronicles 16:8-
Thanks again, new friend Ann for making me mindful of my joy--to be thankful and to praise the Giver of good gifts.

My Multitude Monday--More Gifts

I forgot to list last week's gifts--but since I attended two funerals in 24 hours, I think it is more important than ever to remember and give thanks for every detail of my life.

Here goes:

74. windy days
75. beautiful bride, beaming groom
76. long drive with Mom over miles and miles of nothing; makes the conversation seem more exciting. catching up, sharing hearts
77. clean hotel after not-so-clean hotel
78. bangs that cover up wrinkly foreheads--not frown lines! poor-woman's botox--bangs to frame the aging face
79. cartooning boys
80. parent's 39th sickness and in health, for better or for worse. death has not parted them--not even their own son's
81. watching little girls scurry and sweep and sway to Nutcracker Suite
82. witnessing little girl dreams come true
83. little boy standing beside Daddy at the Laker's game--such a treat for one son.
84. generous student at husband's school--he so willing to teach the teacher
85. soccer coach and daddy all-in-one: four tired, sweaty boys
86. Chipotle with friends--and long drives to solve the troubles of the world :)
87. the sound of wind whipping through the poplar trees on our street
88. safe in his arms again
89. lost pillow, found pillow
90. psalm 34:18 "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." good words when headed to funerals of fragmented people
91. white doves flying in the sky, headed home. reminds us that our loved one is finally home
92. tearful and heartbreaking eulogies--a life remembered, a treasured life
93. the resilience of children
94. funny little boys who make others laugh even when the circumstances are so tragic
95. hugging dear friends
96. photographs--no longer just images seared on our memories, on our hearts--but there to smile over and cry over
97. a packed church--standing room only: evidence of how many lives just one can touch
98. a well-lived life, a grace-filled death
99. a really good cry, cleansing for the soul, healing for the heart, puffing for the eyes
100. best friend that cares: "i'm worried about you. i prayed for you."
101. good counsel, wise counsel, Biblical counsel
102. a funny production of Shakespeare--well done by teenagers; an ancient story that still makes us giggle
103. little girl giggles--the sound of it makes me giggle and grin. contagious
104. husband who knows not to talk, just to hold
105. sitting on Daddy's lap--me! does a girl ever get to big to sit on her daddy's lap
106. the sound of husband walking through the front door
107. getting his first kiss--children must wait!
108. gentle hands in the morning, laid on me in prayer
109. warm baby snuggled close--falling back to sleep for an extra half-hour
110. no more diapers
111. watching little girl nimble fingers crochet--even if scarves are misshapen and funny
112. boys on trampolines--oh the joy!
113. passionate science teacher--thanks Eno.
114. seeing children engaged and active in their learning: eyes bright, hands busy, minds racing
115. science experiments that i don't have to perform! love co-op!
116. house full of friends and children
117. object lessons--solid wood, dry-rotted wood--which will i build with?
118. baby slings--oh to see little ones snuggles close to a mama's bosom
119. adoption--heavenly and earthly: so glad to be a co-heir, can't wait to meet you Rylie.
120. growing families
121. memorizing His Word with my kids
122. quiet, stillness
123. hubby who stumbles in to check on children, half asleep but brave: to make sure his wife sleeps sound knowing "what was that?" was NOT one of his babies falling out of bunkbeds
124. gardens growing
125. friends who share what they grow
126. pick-up game of baseball in the front yard; little boys in the playoffs?
127. happy homerun-hitters
128. good books
129. second-chances, fresh starts, new beginnings, clean slates, brand new days
130. "shout to the Lord, all the earth let us sing" "i sing for joy at the work of His hands, forever I'll love You, forever I'll stand" watching clara soar! tears in my eyes, gooseflesh and big grins
131. a day of rest
132. homecomings--so thankful you are safely Home Marilyn and Shelley
133. sweet friends who pursue you, even when they know you are hiding. thanks Kellie!
134. precious family returning to America with glorious stories of their time in China,; can't wait to hear them all; thankful for those with hearts for orphans
135. little hands returning from the mailbox and ripping open"their" mail
Someone wise once said that the shortest, surest way to happiness is to make a rule for yourself to thank and praise God for everything that happens to you. I am on my way. My list is growing. My heart is grateful.

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