Sunday, April 26, 2009

Train Rides

Bryan lived in Carlsbad. They have a Surfliner--or commuter train that runs up and down the coast stopping at each of the beach cities here in Southern California. We would meet Uncle B at the depot near his home and take the train down to Old Town for some yummy Mexican food. Once, he wanted to go to the Children's Museum first and then head to downtown San Diego. Bryan was always full of fun and exciting ideas to do as a family. I loved that about him. But he never did anything cheap. Hanging out with Bryan cost some serious cash. Either for my parents or him--bless their generous hearts. My family usually picked up the tab for our Bob and me and the kids to play. I think Bryan would have had lots more savings if he hadn't been so willing to hang out and finance our family time. This was a fun day--one of many. I am not sure who is going to pick up the mantle in our family and plan to do these kind of fun things but I sure hope they continue--in Bryan's honor. Hey mom, wanna head to Old Town for some chips and salsa soon?
There are other times and places that were stellar that I will tell here. I don't have a photograph to commemorate these fun times but I have the picture in my mind: of his excited, boylike face, thrilled to be headed to some neat place with our kids. So that Peter can experience, even second hand, his Uncle's amazing zeal for life and creativity, I will tell you about Padre World Series games, Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Picking, the best slurpees in the world at Toontown, staying late for fireworks and snow at Disneyland, buying out the stadium at Storm Games on Family Nights, and more. And I will remember Thanksgiving past and football games in the mud, wrestling matches and mat maids, black diamond ski slopes and night skiing, Washington Park and his first homerun, Air Band and Born to be Wild, "I Got Friends in Low Places" Karaoke. My mind is racing with images of his wide grin, ear-to-ear and eager for an adventure. Always the life of the party, the center of whatever was going on. But it will have to wait for now.

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Anonymous said...

I had never been on a train. Uncle Bryan had me convinced it was some sort of magical roller-coaster ride. I was not disapointed. Uncle Bryan had us ride on the top level of the train (it was a double-decker sandwhich train, as I called it)He brought yummy snacks and games, plus he took us on a tour of the train. How he did all that on a 30 minute trip,I don't know! It was so much fun. Reilly

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!