Friday, April 24, 2009


Some tan guy, Briann, Daddy, Reilly, Jacob, Katelyn, Mom, Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Karl (my dad's younger brother), Kerstin, the coconut gal is not related

My baby returned home last night from her week long trip to Hawaii with her grandparents. Reilly arrived bright-eyed at 12am. I tried to stay up--but Bob sent me to bed to wait/sleep :). I had to leave my warm bed and put on some clothes to greet her sleepy-eyed at the door. It was worth it! Her smile was radiant. She flew into my arms and held me tight. I breathed in the smell of her and enjoyed the feeling of her ever-changing body next to mine. She is getting tall--over five feet now. I can't hold her in my arms with her bald little blond head fitting perfectly under my chin. She is not a baby anymore. But she will always be my baby. Even if she does reach the over six feet tall height predicted for her.

I missed her. The rhythms and routines of my entire day were messed up without her here to make it all "right". I kept counting heads (the bane of a big family--counting heads!) and reminding myself that "incomplete" feeling was temporary. We would be together again soon. I managed our separation by telling myself over and over again that it was just one week. She was having the time of her life. A once-in-a-lifetime trip. I am glad for her, she is safe with my parents, etc. Convincing self-talk! But I missed her.

Reilly left paradise to return to us. Bryan is in Paradise today. And one day my family will all be reunited on the Heavenly Shores, where death is just a memory and tears are no more. The Banquet Table will be set with a feast and we will be together. A luau to blow your mind! I can't wait for that day. Reunited. This separation is just temporary. I am glad for Bryan. He is having the time of his eternity! I am using the same self-talk I used this week with Reilly. But I will be so glad when Bryan wraps his big loving arms around me! I miss him.
I know, I know. I end so many of my blogs that way: "I miss him." But that is the reality of my days. And I know it is true for my mom and dad. Until the Reunion.


Beanepatch said...

I am so glad to know she is back home with you and had such a good time. love to you all...

Anonymous said...

Ms Kelly Lee....
Thank you for letting us enjoy your family for that one week. I think we all had a wonderful time.
As we spoke of the past and thought of the future, we just want to tell you that you are all in our thoughts and prayers, and we miss you all.
Aunt Rebecca
Uncle Karl
Briann, Brandon, Tyler, Kaitlyn & Jacob
Kerstin and Matt

Kelly (Klungreseter) Fitzpatrick said...

precious klungreseter family! thanks so much for blessing my parents in such an unbelievably generous and fun and restful and wonderful way! my girl was all smiles and happy stories about her time with you all. thank you all so much for making her feel loved and special. miss you all. love, kelly

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Relatives!! You gave me a wonderful time. I enjoyed seeing you all!
Aunt Rebecca- When the customs guy checked my suitcase and 35 bags of chocolate covered nuts spill out, I thought his eyes would bulge out of his head. And I'm sure he see's a lot of weird things!! Love, Reillye

Anonymous said...

What a treasured time this was! Yes indeed, that customs guy did get a eyefull and if he had checked all of our other bags, he would have found out that we were travling with more nuts than a baseball park has on a Saturday day game! My brother Karl and his entire family we're delightful hosts for Reilly,Victoria and myself. We will never forget our snorkeling trips, our trip to Maui, the amazing sunset and meal at Kimos(32 oz Prime rib has a way of doing that for me) and our fantastic farkling free for alls that went late into the night....Around 7:30 I think. But I think the most precious of all these memmories will be the time spent with my growing up way to fast granddaughter, Reilly Lee Fitzpatrick and we can't thank her parents enough for letting us have their sweet adorable daughter for a week of firsts.


WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!