Friday, April 24, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree...

My kids in front of Mission Santa Barbara the year Reilly was in fourth grade. CA History trip up the coast visiting the missions and the State Capitol in a rented RV. Visiting Mission San Gabriel the year I was in fourth grade. The year my daddy "helped" me make my mission project. He made my mission out of a styrofoam ice chest, spray paint, toothpicks and tiny bells. He even made palm trees out of pipe cleaners. This was before craft "kits" ! Boy was he mad when Becky Pool's father made a mission with a real stained glass window and electrical lighting! He was armed and ready the following year when Bryan's project was due--he made sure he got Mission San Gabriel again!

Reilly, Kate, Aidan and Samuel at the Grand Canyon.
Peter is in my belly and unable to join the photo :)
February 2006

Me, Mom, and Bryan at the Grand Canyon
Summer some year

My kids playing a board game in a rented RV.
Somewhere on the coast of California-Summer 2007

Dad playing cards with Bryan and me in our godparent's Hy and Shirl's borrowed RV.
Somewhere in Nevada--sometime in the 80's.
Bob and I are following closely in the footsteps of my mom and dad when it comes to family trips. That is by design. As a child, my family never had fancy vacations.Yet I remember them as the sweetest times in my childhood. Camping, RVing, playing games, visiting family, eating Sugar Pops, and fishing. I think I loved the simplicity of just hanging out. I still do. As an adult, my hubby and I are trying to capture or create that same sweetness for our children. I am not sure if Bryan wanted in on Disney Cruises and other expensive trips to faraway places. As an adult he certainly liked fine things but he never travelled too far from home. But I do know that he and I shared loads of laughter and love and great memories as a result of our parent's wonderful gift to us--their legacy of togetherness. Thanks for planting the seeds Mom and Daddy.
PS-I put some seventies tunes on for today--to help transport you to the day. This was the music of my youth. Thanks Daddy.

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