Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm not sure what happened to this pic? But check out the funny faces!

Uncle B & Reilly Lee Montage
My firstborn is away from home for the very first time in her young life. Besides grandparent's houses, Reilly has never even been to a sleepover. My parents took her to the Hawaiian Islands for a weeklong visit with my father's family there. My sweet girl was elated and excited. Her grin made her face glow for days as she anticipated all the hype: her daddy has always wanted to go so Reilly has heard about what he would do in Maui for years. Reilly barely slept her last night home and couldn't even eat breakfast yesterday because of her "excited belly"--her name for the butterflies she gets before thrilling events. My little miss is blossoming right before my very eyes. At times the only word that I can use to describe her is "radiant" especially when she dances. Her daddy and I are so proud of the lovely young lady she is becoming. She is our pride and our joy--to steal a cliche. My heart is nearly bursting with expectation and anticipation when I think ahead to her bright future.
This trip was a treat, a reward for all the growth we have witnessed in her this last year. Plus my daddy is a softy and since she had such a hard year with medical issues, he wanted to pamper her. The right of the first born. I used to be his little darling! I have been usurped. No longer the apple of his eye. And that is perfectly alright with me. Though I do wish I were with them in Maui right now :)
Here is the sappy part--you knew it was coming. Bryan will not be here to watch her grow in beauty and grace. That nearly breaks my heart. He adored her. The right of the first born again. They shared a very special bond. She wasn't nicknamed smiley Reilly for nothing. And she reserved so many of her best smiles for Uncle B. Even though she is quiet with her grief, not demonstrative and open like Kate and me, Reilly misses him greatly. So I rejoice that she is enjoying herself today. Momma misses you, my honey bee, my sweet pea (just in case she reads this!). I miss you too Bryan.


The Limon's said...

Wow, what a privilege for Reilly to go to Hawaii and what fun memories she is capturing with her grandparents. Kelly, I love the pictures that posted of your brother, they made me smile and yet my heart aches for you and your parents. I am praying for you guys. What an honor for you to have such an awesome, happy, loving, giving brother.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, You will ALWAYS be the apple of your Daddy's eyes!!!!!You now share that honor with your children.I am soooo glad that your parents are takeing this much needed trip.Peace and Love to all.....Aunty Ingy

Anonymous said...

Mommy- i did read!! Thank you so much! This may be my favorite blog! I miss you too, but we are having a great time! have a great day! Love, Reilly(e)

Anonymous said...

I remember being on the ball field for practice and my mom's old blue rambler came screaming down the road with the horn blaring,yelling for all the world to hear,"Come quick, her water has broke and we need to get there now!" I dropped my glove and made a beeline for the chainlinked fence and went over it in a nano second(Yes,you who only recently have been come aquainted with me, I was once able to jump a 6' fence). We rushed by sweet baby wife to Orange County Medical center for the arrival of our first born. This was back in the day when people didn't know or want to know the sex of their joyous bundle to come, but I can tell you it was a 50-50 split on the wish list! I guess a dad always wants a son for a first child so he will always be there to protect the others that come later.I was not permited into the maternity ward and they left my poor little scared wife alone in the room with her pain. There was a mean nurse guarding the door and she managed to repel each and every effort to get by her. Had I know what I found out later, they would have needed a gun but that's a different story. After what seemed like forever, she let her guard down and I slipped by her tenacious. As providence would have it, they were wheeling out my sweet Victoria and quite frankly it looked to me like she had been beaten with a big heavy stick! As I looked down at here weary,sweat cover face,she looked up and said," I'm sorry, but you have a baby girl, but she is beautiful!" It was in that instant that Kelly Lee Klungreseter truly became the apple of her daddy's eye and will be so for evermore. Yes, Reilly is my first born and as all first borns, she will have a special meaning to us always, but I think it's possible for a father to have two apples of his eye and a grandfather to have 5!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can remember that old rambler and YOU scaleing that fence like it was a stair!!!!!Oh the memories that old rambler brings into focus.Thank-you!!!!!Peace and Love always, Ingrid

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!