Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yesterday I was scurrying around trying to get my act together so that we would be on time for baseball. Bob helps coach the boys and I decided at the last minute to get a pick-up game of softball going for the girls. I needed some bases, an extra bat and a glove. I couldn't find mine for my life. Then I remembered that my brother "borrowed" my first baseman's glove. The one my daddy bought me special when I was a high schooler. Since it was not in Bryan's stuff, I am aware that it is gone for good. And it only made me chuckle.

Growing up, Bryan and I had a on-going battle of "borrowing". Okay, it was mostly me borrowing his stuff. I need to confess that at the onset. Especially since my dad has finally figured out how to add his comments to this blog. Keeping me honest :) Anyway, I took Bryan's clothes without asking all through high school. This was the '80s--so cut me some slack. Cut-off sweats and flojos were in style. Besides, form-fitting clothes weren't as trendy as they are now--so I liked his baggy stuff. Even my girlfriends got in on the deal. Once, Bryan recognized one of his sweatshirts on my pal Terri. Boy was I busted when my mom found out. I tormented her by "borrowing" all her stuff with out asking too. So she and Bryan were on the same team--pitted against me.

But you know what they say about payback? My mom spends an unconscionable amount of time grinning when she hears me say things like, "Kate! Bring me my brush RIGHT NOW!". And, "Kate, I need one chapstick and I just bought five. Get me one NOW!" Or, "KATE! Where are my shoes. You don't even where my size yet!". So mom is vindicated. And Bryan is getting the last laugh. I had to use one of my kid's gloves at softball yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the battles that were waged in our house over that. I can still recall how mad he was when he saw have his waredrobe parading around Escondido High on all your girlfriends! I remember also that you used to pound on him because I told him that he would never hit a girl, ever and you knew that. Then one day I saw you give him a boot to the family jewels and I told him to protect himself but not to hurt you. After that the pounded suddenly went away. I will never know just how close you and Bryan where, as there were times I would have sworned you were mortal combatatants, but in the end, you where the one he confided in and went to when he was hurting. It was you and you alone that he trusted with his heart break and pain and for this I am eternally grateful that he had his "big" sister to go to.


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