Sunday, January 10, 2010

These Faces That I Love...

What will you remember about your Uncle, precious Peter?

You always kept Uncle B grinning, you crazy kid! Aidan boy!

Sweet Sam-mandoo. I know you miss walking on Uncle B's back!

Kate the Skate always giggled when Uncle B was around.
You learned you art of storytelling from your Uncle. Pretty soon you will rival him!

Uncle B's little bug is growing up into a lovely young lady.

Bryan loved each one too. I am getting ready to publish/bind this year's blog for my parents. I wanted to end with these dear faces. Bryan loved our children. He was the best Uncle ever. I realize anew when I talk with others about their relationships how blessed I was to have a brother who was so involved in his nieces and nephews lives. Bryan's death left a huge hole in my children's lives. But they have been so much better at understanding or at least accepting their grief without bitterness and questions. Ah! To be so childlike and trusting! I pray I will be more like them this year.

I will always ache when "special" times come and go in their future, wishing Bryan were here with us. There were so many big events, celebrations, traditions, and all the simple moments in 2009 that he did not share with us. My heart ached for missing him. But I carried him with me in my heart. So I will end this year (a week late!) with the faces that he and I both love.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I hope you still write this blog from time to time.You are so wonderfully gifted!Peace and Love.....Auntie Ingie

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how fast the year went by. The times that were most trying of course were the one's that we knew he loved most. His birthday was extremely difficult as we tried to make a joyous time in the mountains that he loved, but it was still too early and the wound too fresh so we all struggled with that. The middle of the year seemed to fly by and we did some fun things, but once again our minds couldn't overcome our torn up hearts. As we neared Thanksgiving and the Christmas season he so loved, I hit a wall and as I looked around, it appeared as if I wasn't alone. I thank God everyday for all of our family and friends who also sensed we where going under and pitched in to try and help us through this miserable time in our lives. Without them, Reilly and Kate's great ballet performances and our great Gods healing ways, it would have been easy to cave into Satans constant cajoling. But as we both know, that is what he wants us to do and forget what a truly masterful Lord that we serve who can and will show us the good in all of this. So as I go forward I continue to give him the credit that he is do and ask for his guidance in all that I do for my family and myself.We still need to work at giving it over to him and let him work is wonders upon on hearts and souls.

Love always,

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!