Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Bryan bought my boys the Wii for their birthday a couple of years ago. It is their all-time favorite gift. Even over the trampoline Uncle B bought them the year before the Wii. In memory of how much the gift remains a part of our lives, this Christmas my parents gave the wii lovers in our family blue wii jammies--complete with a long pocket large enough to hold the wii remote when not in use.

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Anonymous said...

Those WII pants are a hoot! You can't believe how lucky we were to grab them up. Now we just have to have a few tournaments so they can show off their fancy "game wear".I love come to the blog and reading what stories you have to tell even though I do thing you have a little bit of the "Klungreseter Storyteller" in yourself. Keep it up, I love it.


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