Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Friend Remembers

My cousin let me know that one of Bryan's old high school buddies had contacted her and wanted to talk with our family abut my brother's death. She gave me his number and I was thinking of a quiet moment I could make to talk with him (I DO remember you Anthony-- and I will call!). But he beat me to the punch and left this comment on the first blog I wrote soon after Bryan died. I know that people don't usually read comments from old posts so I am posting it here. Anthony recently learned of my brother's death. His kind words about Bryan made me smile and weep this morning. Thanks for taking the time to remember Bryan here, Anthony. My family thanks you for your kind gesture. Others are still thinking about and remembering Bryan and his life. That is the entire reason for this blog:
Posted January 13, 2010
"I just found out about BK's passing. It's already been a year. My heart goes out to his family. He really was one of the best guys I ever met in my life. I remember during high school having just moved to Escondido there were'nt many minorities, everyone was a stranger nobody really spoke to me much, and I felt way out of place. Then this dude named Klungy with more spike hair then the law should allow comes up starts talking then later invites me to hang out. We became good friends from that point on.
Football,taco shops, teeing off in the yard at his parents old house in Esco. I bet I ate 50 avacados in that backyard!I always admired that he was the type of guy that could be trusted with anything. Except reliable transportation. That old beat up blue volkswagon rabbit he was driving at the time was a real piece of junk! Thinking about our times together brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Your memory will be apart of me all the days of my life. How did it go? "My brotha! from anotha motha! of anotha color!" That's how I'll remember you Klungy. Rest in peace dear old friend."
Anthony "GoGo" Alexander

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