Monday, January 18, 2010

Counting my Blessings

I started keeping track of my blessings with a renewed gratitude attitude inspired by Ann over at my favorite blog spot (see the button at the bottom of this blog). It was originally God's idea--to be thankful. To rejoice in all my circumstances. To bless the Lord, Oh my soul, with all that is within me. He gives and takes away. Bless His Holy Name.
But its a new year--a new decade. So I bought a pretty journal on December 31. I have started to write in it. I used to faithfully keep a journal. I have volumes from when I was a young girl, a young woman, a young married wife. But the day I gave birth to Reilly was my last entry. I have tried a few times to renew the (wonderfully therapeutic) habit but just haven't. I have begun anew.
As this chapter of my blogging days comes to a close, I feel so grateful to all of you who shared in my cyberspace "journal" for the last year. Just knowing that you were reading and commenting and chuckling over the entries made it more fun, endearing, purposeful, therapeutic.
I have tried to post this the last two Mondays and haven't. But I HAVE been journaling. Privately again. Instead of on the internet. I have been adding to my Multitude Monday pages. I have been counting my blessings. If you are reading this right now--you are among those many blessings. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me to tell Bryan's stories, to remember him, to honor all that was noble and good and funny and excellent in his short life.
And if you want to know what the future holds for this blog--I will share my secret with you. I have been praying that my Daddy will pick up the (metaphoric) pen for the next chapter. To fill in the blanks with stories that I can not tell. Bryan was an avid huntsman, fisherman, sportsman. He was a beloved son. These are sides of him that I cannot describe. But my father can. His memory is stuffed full of first homerun moments, winning that long-awaited game at EHS his senior year, quail trips, deer hunting, Kern River, Padre World Series, the list is endless. I know you are reading this Daddy.
No pressure or anything Daddy! :)


Anonymous said...

I think it would be a great idea for your Dad.Perhaps your Mom too!I know they have alot of memories to share.Go David...You can do this!!!!!Peace and Love.....Ingrid

Anonymous said...

Please.....I look forward to this blog daily....The bible verses are a wonderful daily blessing!Peace and Love.....Ingrid

Anonymous said...

I know I don't say much or comment on every blog, but this has been a blessing in my life. On December 14th my prayers were with you although I was to afraid to open my mouth and say something. For that I am sorry. Fear is a horrible thing, when all you want to say is I love you and you're afraid it's somehow going to come out wrong. And I am, very sorry. I have looked forward to this blog, and because of it, have a renewed faith in god, and all of his wonders and mercies. Because you decided to tell us stories. Kelly, I am grateful beyond words. I agree with Aunt Ingrid, and say please, please uncle David, continue this blessing. You'll be wonderful at it. Bryan got his story telling from somewhere... Love from Hawaii. Kerstin

Anonymous said...

DITTO!!!!So wonderfully said!Peace and Love.....Aunt Ingrid P.S. I bet Bryan never thought that from his death we would all somehow re-connect!

Anonymous said...

I was originally skeptical in the beginning about how this blog would pan out. Writing stories of Bryan in this blog has been very healing for Kel (and also very emotional and at times too much for her to handle alone). G-Pa, if you decide to keep it going, it won't be easy unearthing all those memories of Bryan, but it will be good for you and you will need it (I can't ignore the fact that all of us will get a huge blessing out of it). Either way, this blog and its purpose went above and beyond what I thought possible. Sometimes the hardest things to do are the best things for us. Thanks Kel for giving us all that you had and sharing with us all that you remembered.

Anonymous said...

The blog has been my life line since you started Kelly. I needed to read everything you blogged and it helped me maintain a since of security knowing that my son wouldn't just become a distant memory pushed into the corner of our minds. As I read each and every blog over and over, I am truly amazed at how much I have learned about Bryan from his loving older sister.Your ability to use words in such a precise method is beyond my comprehension. That being said, as you so sweetly put it, there are still many "Bryan" moments that can be written about here and I will try to take up your blog and add my two cents to the memory of my son, Bryan David Klunreseter or as only I knew and loved him, "Little Snuss" My hope will be that what I write honors you, your passion for your brother and the memory of him that shall remain burned in our hearts for ever.


Kelly (Klungreseter) Fitzpatrick said...

YIPPEE!! HOORAY!! PRAISES!!! i have been checking back all day hoping you would respond to my challenge! it will be good--it will be hard, but it will be good! it is right and cathartic to remember here the ways in which Bryan made our lives sweeter, happier, better. i am so glad. that's it--on to the quickie tutorial. truly daddy, you KNOW i am a completely incompetent computer person and I DID IT. so can you. his stories, his life will be memorialized here IN PRINT for all our family present and future! this is his legacy to us--his life, the best parts, to read about anytime we want. we can't recapture his smile, not even a good photo can do that. we can hear his come-from-his-belly laugh, it is gone until the reunion. but we can tell his stories and remember him with our smiles and belly laughs. thanks for joining me Daddy. i am thrilled. i can't wait to remember with you. the only thing better would be if he were to tell his stories with his panache and flair himself. we have a date--to pass the baton. love you, kel

k.M0SS said...

I read this blog secretly myself. It is something i have grown to count on. I have learned so much about my cousin i barely knew, and im learning about you Kelly, and your family. I think my Uncle should carry it on. Tell another side of this journey, another chapter. I love you guys. Who would have thought that we would all come together on this blog. Its amazing.

Kimberley said...

You are and have always been a reader, now become a writer! Ing just let me know about this blog and I have spent the last couple of hours laughing, crying, remembering! It was awsome, please keep it up, I will become a daily reader. I love you David Clark! always have and always will. I wish they had this when Paula Poo went to be wiht God. How I miss her, love her, remember her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim.....It is never too late to start!Peace.....Ingrid

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!