Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sloppy BKs?

This post will likely provide way too much information, TMI as my girls like to interject with a blush when I have embarrassed them again by rattling on with my big mouth. It will reveal telling details about the kinda girl I truly am. Even if I do like to pretend like I've got it going on. TMI, free of charge tonight: I made Sloppy Joes for dinner. What does that tell? I know and you know it is the weekend and I should be reserving these kinda meals for hurried weeknights when I am racing back and forth from ballet or Costco or wherever in dreadful Temecula traffic. But I am lame and not very good at meal planning or cooking or homemaking or we had a cheesy meal on a night when I should have been grilling steak, baking potatoes and making cookies from scratch. But since I never do that--weekend nights or otherwise-- we had Sloppy Joes for dinner. Before you boo or berate me, let me state for the record that my man is easygoing and not inclined to complain about what I put on his plate. Or bowl. I have been know to plop the cereal box on the table and say, "have at it!". So much for being a domestic goddess. That leads me to this funny little tidbit about my brother. And this blog is about my brother after all.
Bryan went shopping one Wednesday night in preparation for our monthly and/or weekly family nights. The nights when he commandeered my kitchen or my mom's. And made a mess. I mean a meal. One This night he was hankering for a joe, a Sloppy Joe. He headed to the market and returned with big country hamburger buns, frozen french fries just waiting to be broiled, and three big 'ole cans of Mamwich. For those of you who have class and taste, let me explain. It is the stuff that makes joes sloppy. Some tomato, sugary, saucy stuff.
Bryan opened up those cans and slopped them into the pan ready and roaring to heat up some grub for his hungry clan. The only problem was: Mamwich doesn't include the meat. Everyone knows you have to add you own browned ground beef. Everyone except my 30-something single brother. Ha! Ha! Thanks for the laugh bro. I needed it tonight. And even though I may still be a class-one dork, I made sure my Sloppy Joes had meat!

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