Monday, September 7, 2009

Nose Hairs

I know, I know today is a day "set aside to honor the American worker". It's true--on Labor Day we should be resting. Enjoying a day of laying around doing a lot of nothing. But Bob had work that couldn't wait. His nose hairs needed a good clippin'.
Since we started dating when I was in High School, nose hair clipping wasn't really a part of our relationship. I have been with this man since BEFORE he had chest hair. He shaved once a week when I fell in love with that mug. Two armpit hairs--tops! So dealing with unwanted hair is a recent development in our marriage of 16 years. This morning Bob charged up his nifty Norleco clippers and got to work on those objectionable, unseemly hairs that cause embarrassment to High School teachers standing over student desks each day. I watched. He is in his boxers when he performs this task so I enjoyed the show.
The whole thing just makes me laugh. Hysterically. You see, my BROTHER BRYAN bought Bob the handy-dandy Norelco clipper set with twenty-nine attachments. How many undesirable hairs do men HAVE to merit that many specific attachments?Anyway, Bryan was thrilled with his purchase one Christmas and since I wrapped all his gifts, I knew in advance what Bob would be receiving this particular yuletide offering. To say that I was skeptical of this gift's merit is an understatement. I could not even imagine why anyone would get excited about nose hair clippers. Oh how little I really understand about my other half! Or my brother!
Bob was thrilled with his gift. Elated. Couldn't wait for his inaugural first run. And guess who was right next to him, standing at the mirror in his shorts, waiting patiently for his turn to clip, clip, clip those unseemly hairs? My brother. It is a mental picture that will make my sides hurt and my eyes crinkle to my dying day. Bob and Bryan, with that medieval torture device whirling up their noses. Laughing and screaming. Their eyes watering from the humor and the pain. Evidently clippin' nose hairs hurt--even if you do have an expensive modern gadget
I wanted to include a picture of my man with that swirling dervish up his nose this morning but Bob flatly refused. I tried to persuade him, by pointing out that my favorite blogger continually post pictures of her man. And I just know HE loves it. The malboro man and his hiney. But mine just told me to get out of his face with my camera. So you'll have to close your eyes and join me in the mental picture, and enjoy a good laugh on Labor Day. If its not too much work. I didn't even have to use my imagination since the image in indelibly etched on my mind. Thanks for a good chuckle bro.

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I love the website. I had no idea you were doing it and stumbled into it at work. That was a mistake, no likes to see their boss cry. It's wonderful, thank you for the shout out about my wedding and all the other family news. Love you and hope to see you soon.

Your adorable cousin


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