Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

I like having something sweet to do every Monday. I am so glad for this new "tradition". Thinking on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, excellent, and praiseworthy makes Mondays much more manageable! We had a jam-packed weekend of fun and fellowship and instead of being rested and ready for the start of another week, I was tuckered out. Then I spent some time on the front porch letting the kids jump rope and play while I made my thankful list.
161. a merry heart makes good medicine-proverbs 17:22
162. moving stories; He speaks to me in Words
163. Hope
164. the Holy Spirit--the Hound of Heaven who pursues relentlessly because of Love; He won't let me remain unchanged
165. the smile of success--when student conquers a challenge
166. maples with leaves on fire--Oh the colors of Autumn!
167. clean sheets
168. newlyweds, the bliss of witnessing life begin as One
169. heartfelt talks with friend who cares; no drive to fix or understand, just listens. even sequestered in the office. Thanks Deanne!
170. second-chances for forgetful tooth fairy; thanks for forgiving Aidan
171. reminder notes taped over tooth fairy's pillow
173. races to check the mail first
174. clean car--purely hypothetical here. it has been ages since i haven't referred to my vehicle as the "junk mobile"
175. front-yard baseball: 3 brothers-style. until one gets "out" by being beaned in the head with a whiffle ball. there HAS to be modified rules with only 3 players!
176. early morning scavenger hunts
177. cooperating siblings! jumping rope
178. brown-eyed baby in big brother's cowboy boots
179. peals and squeals of laughter, children enjoying each other
180. Fall Back--an extra hour to get ready for church!
181. gracious friends who open their homes to families with lots of mouths! thanks Limons, Smiths, Hubbs, and Campbells! can't wait to repay the favor
182. computer-savvy friend who volunteer to help me w/my first ebay purchase. thanks sue!
183. knobby knees poking through holey jeans
184. sipping tea on the porch in the shade during PE for the kids
185. baked goods--with PUMPKIN! i love pumpkin!
186. husband's hands in dishwater--sink full of dishes I DIDN'T clean
187. watching grown men conquer the wii, with an audience of teens!
188. homeschooled kids at "Presentation Night", making mommas proud and reassuring daddies that they really are learning something
189. the smell of fresh herbs in the garden
190. good old fashioned cry--cleans the soul

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