Monday, November 23, 2009

Blessing Tree

Thanksgiving 2007

Bryan's Handprint "leaf"
-My Family
-Our Armed Forces fighting for our freedom!!
-Turkey Sandwiches!
It's Multitude Monday AND it's Thanksgiving vacation. We are so blessed, so thankful! My family is hanging out in our jammies, playing games, drinking cocoa (even though it is 80 degrees outside!) and looking at old photo albums. I love down time--with nothing going on but enjoying each other. We have so much to feel grateful for this year!
This Thursday, we will make a Thankful Tree for 2009. A family tradition where each of us traces our handprint and writes our blessings on a paper leaf and glues it on the paper trunk. Not too classy or craftsy but a treasured keepsake for me nevertheless! I may have been embarrassed to post our Tree in light of all the beautiful and artistic traditions that other families carry out. But I am not embarrassed, I am just so grateful that I have it. I was teary-eyed when the kids unfurled the last Thankful Tree we have with Uncle Bryan's large handprint and his handwritten blessings. I placed my hand over his and was glad for my family.
I spent almost every Thanksgiving with my brother in my 38 years. When he did not come last Thanksgiving, I knew that things were very wrong. Bryan LOVED the holidays and never missed them if it were humanly possible. A few while Bob and I were at Chico State and the Bay area, and last year. Bryan was always there.
My mom is here with me now and she wants to add her blessings to the Multitude Monday list that I have going. Here goes:
240. that God is faithful
241. that He hears and answers prayers
242. Bryan's hands and feet (she did watch them grow from teeny-tiny ones to great BIG size 12s. she felt his soft baby fingers wrap around hers. and then she had to let go as he grew to a man.)
243. being able to listen to music again
244. finding Peace and Hope
245. enjoying old pictures and videos


Anonymous said...

I Love You All!!!!!Peace and Love.....Aunty Ingy

Anonymous said...

hey auntie ingy! are you coming down to jenn's for thanksgiving? what are your family's plans? i wish we could hug you and your cutie grandkids in person. love to you all! kelly

Anonymous said...

Didn't know anything about Thanksgiving at Jenn's.I am picking up Eric in Baldwin Park and bringing him to my house.He really has been bugging to come over so I guess this will be the perfect time!I am so thankful I found him again.This time I plan to not lose him again.I am thankful for all of you!I love and miss everyone!Peace and Love.....Auntie Ingy

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!