Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joy Comes in the Morning

Yesterday I finished another book on my summer reading list: Betty Smith's Joy in the Morning. I liked it. It felt reminiscent of many of my early married days (oh the angst and insecurity!) and my first pregnancy (oh the angst and insecurity!). Then in my quiet time I read Psalm 30:5 which reminds me: "Weeping my endure for a night (or 216 nights) but joy comes in the morning." This morning, coincidentally (or NOT!), I was reading the confessions of my favorite blogger and her post was entitled: Joy Comes in the Morning

Well, I may be a bit slow to the draw but three times a charm, or whatever that pithy saying is. I hear you God. I am waiting for the joy. I am expectant. I am anticipating the pleasure of it. I am waiting for your joy which is my strength.
The Pioneer Woman ended her blog with this line:
"Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion."
I agree with her (she stole the line from a movie, can you name it? no fair looking at her blog first!). But I haven't been laughing this week. This morning I prayed and asked God to give me more happy, smiling, belly-busting joy-filled stories about Bryan. I can't remember any now. But stay tuned! I have a feeling the best are yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Glorious day my darling sweet niece!!!!!My trip to Washington was....wonderous,full of pre-and-post wedding bliss!I'm back now and looking for employment but I may be in Perris next week so maybe...How was your reunion?Peace and Love to all.....Aunty Ingy

Kelly (Klungreseter) Fitzpatrick said...

hey aunty! glad you are back and all is well. missing your gal i bet? let's talk--but not here. call or i will call this weekend. i pray you get a job soon. i need the scoop. and if you are in perris next week--you absolutely MUST visit. pretty please?

WARNING! Tissues Required-Video Slideshow of Bryan's Life-Sorry the music was muted!